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Bandwidth Allocation.

We provide custom hosting packages based upon your needs and budget. Our commodity is bandwidth and disk-space. Other web-hosting places like to sell you a plan based on disk-space alone. Then you have to share your bandwidth with every other domain on the server. If just a few websites start getting heavy traffic, then everybody grinds to a halt if the server has not been built to handle super traffic.

Your Bandwidth Belongs to You.

We have divided our bandwidth into parcels, never overselling it, but giving you a dedicated slice of the pie. Once a domain has reached its bandwidth limit, it can do no more unless another slice is allocated to it. This is great for everybody else on the server because they will always have the bandwidth that they need. We receive system alerts whenever a domain's bandwidth usage looks like it will exceed their quota for the month. This will allow us to contact you and determine if this is an anomaly or if you will actually need a bigger bandwidth plan.

Bandwidth is Not Expensive. It's Just Dedicated.

Relax. Bandwidth is not expensive. We just want to make certain that nobody suffers due to someone else's good fortune. Good fortune? Of course. If you are getting a significant increase in traffic than that is generally good news. It is not so good if your website cannot handle the extra traffic, and it is not good if the other sites on the server suffer for it, either.

If you plan on launching a big advertising campaign and you expect millions of visitors, give us a heads up and we can make the additional bandwidth available on-demand for short or long term.

We charge $25 per month for 20GB of bandwidth. Most of our customers never even get close to that limit, but if they should have such good fortune as to need more, than we can sell a 50GB package for an additional $25 per month, short-term or long-term.

We have CPanel installed for all of our hosted domains. Keep Reading.

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