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  1. Change Healthcare is starting to notify hospitals, insurers and other customers that they may have had patient information exposed in a massive cyberattack.

    The post Change Healthcare to Start Notifying Customers Who Had Data Exposed in Cyberattack appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  2. A years-long espionage campaign has targeted telecoms companies in Asia with tools associated with Chinese groups.

    The post Decade-Long Cyber Assault on Asian Telecoms Traced to Chinese State Hackers appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  3. Ilya Sutskever's new company is focused on safely developing “superintelligence” - a reference to AI systems that are smarter than humans.

    The post OpenAI Co-Founder Sutskever Sets up New AI Company Devoted to ‘Safe Superintelligence’ appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  4. Pomerium raises $13.75 million in Series A funding for dynamic user identity verification and access management platform.

    The post Access Management Startup Pomerium Raises $13.75 Million appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  5. LockBit appears to once again be the most active ransomware group, but experts believe the hackers may just be inflating their numbers. 

    The post LockBit Ransomware Again Most Active – Real Attack Surge or Smokescreen? appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  6. Hundreds of PC and server models may be affected by CVE-2024-0762, a privilege escalation and code execution flaw in Phoenix SecureCore UEFI firmware.

    The post Hundreds of PC, Server Models Possibly Affected by Serious Phoenix UEFI Vulnerability appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  7. AI model weights govern outputs from the system, but altered or ‘poisoned’, they can make the output erroneous and, in extremis, useless and dangerous.

    The post AI Weights: Securing the Heart and Soft Underbelly of Artificial Intelligence appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  8. Enterprise identity company raises new capital from JP Morgan and Hercules Capital as it prepares for an IPO exit.

    The post Semperis Eyes IPO With $125 Million in Growth Financing appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  9. A threat actor targeting Chinese-speaking victims has been using the SquidLoader malware loader in recent attacks.

    The post Highly Evasive SquidLoader Malware Targets China appeared first on SecurityWeek.

  10. Atlassian has released Confluence, Crucible, and Jira updates to address multiple high-severity vulnerabilities.

    The post Atlassian Patches High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Confluence, Crucible, Jira appeared first on SecurityWeek.

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