Automated Installer for over 400 Apps, including Joomla.

That's right. You can install any of these web applications into the Public_html subfolder of your choice. The list is impressive. Some of these are already installed, like SquirrelMail, Roundcube and Horde.


WordPress, Open Blog, Serendipity, Dotclear, b2evolution, Ghost, Textpattern, Nibbleblog, LifeType, Pixie, Nucleus, Chyrp, eggBlog, PivotX, HTMLy, FlatPress, Movable Type.

Micro Blogs

StatusNet, PageCookery, Storytlr.


Joomla, Open Real Estate, PHP-Fusion, Concrete5, MODX, CMS Made Simple, e107, Xoops, Zikula, Website Baker, PHP-Nuke, Mambo, Drupal, Subrion, sNews, ocPortal, Kliqqi, jCore, PyroCMS, Silex, Contao, SilverStripe, Geeklog, GRAV, Bolt, Fork, Kirby, Typo3, Pluck, ImpressPages, Koken, ProcessWire, Quick.CMS, Sitemagic CMS, Monstra, Redaxscript, ImpressCMS, Mahara, Open Business Card, phpwcms, Bludit, PopojiCMS, Croogo, SiteCake, Jamroom, Anchor, Microweber, Saurus, Pimcore, Fiyo CMS, razorCMS, Typesetter, SeoToaster CMS, PluXml, Hotaru CMS, Zenario, Pagekit, Cotonti, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Kopage, appRain, ClipperCMS, Precurio, CMSimple, Wolf CMS.


phpBB, SMF, MyBB, AEF, Vanilla, PunBB, XMB, FluxBB, Phorum, bbPress, FUDforum, ElkArte, miniBB, my little forum, Beehive, TangoBB, Unclassified NewsBoard.

Image Galleries

Gallery, Piwigo, Coppermine, Zenphoto, TinyWebGallery, phpAlbum, 4images, Pixelpost, Plogger, iGalerie, Lychee, Chevereto Free.


MediaWiki, DokuWiki, PmWiki, WikkaWiki, Social Networking, Dolphin, Oxwall, Jcow, Elgg, pH7CMS, Open Source Social Network, Beatz, Etano, PeoplePods, HumHub, Family Connections, GNU social.

Ad Management

Yclas, OSClass, Revive Adserver, GPixPixel.


WebCalendar, Booked, phpicalendar, ExtCalendar, LuxCal, SuperCali.


BlackNova Traders, Shadows Rising, Multiplayer Checkers, Word Search Puzzle.


Roundcube, phpList, poMMo, WebMail Lite, SquirrelMail, Webinsta Maillist, OpenNewsletter, ccMail, RainLoop Webmail, Postfix Admin, Dada Mail.

Polls and Surveys

LimeSurvey, Piwik, LittlePoll, phpESP, Aardvark Topsites, Advanced Poll, EasyPoll, Simple PHP Poll, Open Web Analytics, Logaholic, CJ Dynamic Poll, Little Software Stats.

Project Management

qdPM, Feng Office, eyeOS, Collabtive, dotProject, ProjectPier, Mantis Bug Tracker, The Bug Genie, PHProjekt, TaskFreak, Rukovoditel, todoyu, Flyspray, phpCollab, Admidio, Traq, SiteDove, Eventum, Kanboard, SOPlanning, TestLink, WebCollab, ZenTao, Bugs, Burden.


AbanteCart, PrestaShop, WHMCS, CubeCart. osCommerce, OpenCart, Open eShop, Zen Cart, Loaded Commerce, TheHostingTool, BoxBilling, TomatoCart, LiteCart, Avactis, Quick.Cart, X-Cart, SimpleInvoices, Magento, Open Source Point of Sale, AlegroCart, Blesta, Axis, Invoice Ninja, phpCOIN, SeoToaster Ecommerce, Zeuscart, Arastta, Thelia 2, InvoicePlane, Shopware, ClientExec, Logic Invoice, osCmax, PEEL SHOPPING, EC-CUBE, ShopSite, SurfShopCART, ERP, YetiForce, Vtiger, Dolibarr, SugarCRM, EPESI, X2CRM, Zurmo, FrontAccounting, OrangeHRM, iQDesk, SuiteCRM, webERP, EGroupware, EspoCRM, Tine 2.0, Jorani, Group Office, OpenBiz Cubi, Sentrifugo, Zenbership.

Guest Books

Advanced Guestbook, Lazarus, BellaBook, phpBook, VX Guestbook, PHPKode Guestbook, RicarGBooK, PHP Address Book.

Customer Support

Vision Helpdesk, osTicket, HESK, Mibew Messenger, Help Center Live, Live helper chat, phpOnline, Sales Syntax, Trellis Desk, Faveo Helpdesk, HelpDeskZ, phpMyFAQ, ExoPHPDesk, Maian Support, Support Incident Tracker, HelpDEZk.


Laravel, CodeIgniter, yii, Bootstrap, CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, Kohana, Smarty, PHPDevShell, FuelPHP, HTML Purifier, UIkit, PRADO, Webasyst, WideImage, DIY.


Chamilo, Claroline, eFront, Moodle, DoceboLMS, Dokeos, ATutor, TCExam, Omeka, Gibbon, Xerte Online Toolkits.

DB Tools

SIDU, phpMyAdmin, MyWebSQL, Adminer, SQLiteManager, phpLiteAdmin, Chive, RockMongo, Vty


kPlaylist, Podcast Generator, AmpJuke, Impleo, Ampache.


ClipBucket, VidiScript, CumulusClips, videoDB, Prismotube Express.


Gregarius, Tiny Tiny RSS, Feed On Feeds, selfoss, SimplePie, Reader Self, FreshRSS.

File Management

ownCloud, ProjectSend, PHPfileNavigator, Pydio, eXtplorer, Arfooo, LetoDMS, Nextcloud, OpenDocMan, Monsta FTP.


Seo Panel, phpFreeChat, WeBid, YOURLS, SLiMS, phpLD, Question2Answer, phpFormGenerator, Form Tools, SPIP, Open Journal Systems, Soholaunch, PASTE, Mautic, Privacy Policy Generator, jobberBase, ArticleSetup, PHP QR Code, PhpGedView, webtrees, GLPI, Codiad, InfiniteWP, eSyndiCat, wallabag, Hablator, JoobsBox, AJAX Chat, PHPWeby, OpenBiblio, u-Auctions, Open Conference Systems, SVNManager, phpDocumentor, Commentics, XCloner, Agora-Project, BlaB, Open Monograph Press, XMS, Brushtail, Kimai.


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